Just Like in That Movie…

Bring your pen, bring your heart
Take my hand,
I’ve got my camera, & we’ve got endless options,
We’re going on an adventure.We’ll dress like bums & see who gives us change,
Use it all on coffee & cigarettes,
& make up lives for the world around us,
While we sit at a little table & pretend to be moody & pretentious.

We can dress up all sophisticated & visit art galleries,
& make up lives for ourselves,
Where we can be rich & buy one painting from every room,
While we pretend to be snooty art critics that call everyone else pretentious.

We’ll disguise ourselves as hippies, & go frolicking though a meadow,
& watch how all our lives are nothing but beauty,
While we pretend to be kids & dancing in the rain, who don’t even know the meaning of pretentious.

We can wear nothing but pajamas, & lay around my room,
& dream of lives we’ve led before,
& muse about the lives in fiction that we love,
While we pretend we have no problems & we would never dream of being pretentious.

& I’ll capture it all through a lens,
& you capture it all in ink,
& tomorrow we’ll wake, & be ourselves once again.

& I’ll make you breakfast,
& you’ll nurse your coffee,
& we’ll smile slyly at each other over our night of other lives,
& off to work we’ll go, with no one any the wiser.

Sarah on a ledge



  1. I really like it. I often don’t have the patience for poetry (my lack, I know).

    But you wanna know something weird? I dreamt about reading it weeks ago. And commenting on it.

    (I guess everyone needs at least one “oh my goodness, is that person for REAL?” comment on their blog)

  2. […] poem that sucked me right into it. I will try to attach it here for all to read. Here is the link: https://thecynicaldreamer.wordpress.com/2008/01/07/just-like-in-that-movie/ […]

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